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At one time, tigers could be found from India to Siberia. Today, they are endangered species due to hunting for sport by man and loss of habitat. Tigers are the heaviest and largest of all the cats. They are solitary, night hunters, preying on smaller animals, such as deer and wild pig. They enjoy water and are good swimmers. Tigers that live in tropical rain forests of Asia use water as a way of staying cool. Find my picture, click on it , and get dot to dot fun or coloring page.






This cat is a known symbol for beauty and power, "The King of Beasts". The mane of the male lion makes his appearance larger than he really is. This mane gives him protection during battles with other male lions or predators. The mane is not fully grown until 5 years of life. They are colored blonde, brown and black, usually darkening with growth.
Lions colors are ideal for hiding within the shrubs. A brownish-yellowish color, having the back of the ears and the tuft of the tail black. At birth, cubs have spots, fading as they mature. Find my picture and hear me roar.

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To find the hidden Coloring pictures click on the moving Cats.

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