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Three men refused to bow down to a statue that the king of Babylon had set up. The king ordered that they be thrown into a furnace.
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The men said,
"The God we serve is able to bring us out of it alive".
(Daniel 3:17)

Things looked pretty hopeless. But God was with them. They didn't get burned. They didn't even smell like smoke!
Try unscrambling these words, find out who was put into the furnace. 
Need help read Daniel 3

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Sometimes things get pretty tough for kids too. Here's something you can make to help you through those times. Fold a sheet of paper in three sections so that two are like doors. Close the doors and draw flames on the outside. On the inside paste a picture of you and one of Jesus . Then remember that no matter how rough things get, God is there with you.

Here are two coloring pictures
of Jesus for your project

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