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Chapter 9 Title
Chapter 9 – page 7

"Marvelous! Bravo for you, Your Royal Marshie 459," said G. Granma had a sudden idea. "Let me borrow your pocket knife, Hoo." "Okay, but don’t loose it." he said. Granma found a piece of soft bark lying around and turned it over. She carved into it with the knife: Royal Marshie 459. The sign still hangs over the hut door to this day. If you are in doubt, just go check it out.

Marsha 399 brought out some fish and rooty things like ‘taters. This was the first real meal they had had in awhile. J didn’t call fruit a real meal. He saved the head, tail, fins and guts for da Muff, which she scarfed in a second. Then J remembered the stash of fruit that they had in the baskets which were now off the horses while they grazed. He went to his basket and got 3 bananas for the Marshies, 5 avacados and 5 mangoes for each of them. What a feast! I don’t think the Marshies had ever eaten such fruit before. They were in heaven with snaggle toothed grins as well as orange mango smeared on their faces and dripping down their chins.

Julio sure wished he could catch a sea horse and take it with him, but . . . As he went to the waters’ edge for one last look, he swore that one of the sea horses waved goodbye to him with its fin.

J led the horses over to the well and with a log dipper got water out for the them. It was only about 3:30 or 4:00 PM when they got the horses dressed up again and were ready to mount. Marshie 459 asked: "An whaddya call deez beests dat kerry youins aroun?" "They are called horses," replied G. "Orzez" repeated M 459.

"And what’s the little Marsha’s name?" asked Julio. "She’s Marsha 101. "Marsha 101" asked J, " do you have any rope or string that I could have?" Marshie 101 had not spoken a word, and had only played with a seaweed doll, dressing it with scraps of a rough gunny sack like material. M 101 ran into the hut and came back with small round cords of bright red material. She looked at her mom and dad and they nodded, so she gave them to Julio. There were three of them about three feet long each. "Perfect!" says Hoo. Then she ran back into the hut and came out with some burlap bag looking kinda twine … a whole roll of it. And she gave this to Julio too. He could tell that they were very poor and this was at great sacrifice. He turned his back to her, took out his pocket knife, and cut a big section out of his bright green undershirt and took it over to her seaweed doll.

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