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Chapter 9 Title
Chapter 9 – page 6

When they got to the stick, mud and sea weed house they were amazed. First of all, seaweed. As soon as G got off Mober, she went over to the marsh and dipped her fingers in, licking them. "Julio, this is salt water! This is part of the ocean!" G exclaimed. The Marshie had gotten back just as they arrived. The Marshie that was feeding the dolphins appeared to be a girl Marshie. The only differences being the color of the skin and hair it seemed. It’s skin was pinkish-beige-green and it’s long straight hair down to its knees was a pale yellow-white color.

"Ahoy!" said the blonde haired one. "Ahoy there!" That must mean hello, so Julio called back: "Ahoy to you too! The blonde one ran inside and came out with what seemed like her mother. A bigger Marshie and somewhat chubby. Her hair was more of a brassy blonde. "Ahoy!" she said too. After a lot of ahoys, she went back in the stick-seaweed hut and came out with a red and white checkered tablecloth. She spread it on the grass and motioned for G & J to sit down. First Julio tied the horses where they could get some grass to eat and came back, plopping down on the cloth. He could smell fish frying. Hmm .. Hmm.. Hmmm.

"Oh, Noble Marshie, do you Marshies have names?" asked G. "Sure we do. Us boyz R Marshies n da gerlz R Marshas. I am Marshie 459. Marsha is 399. She’s a lot younger than me." he said. "Oh, I see," said G.

G got excited now, "What about the water?" Where does it come from?" What kind of fish are in the water?" "Whoooooaaa, lemme see. Da waddur. Well, it runs from undur da Pepmint Mowntens. Yep, right undur tha bridge heer an heer it tis. "But you got fresh water too, don’t you?" G asked. "Fresh waddur?" asked Marshie 459. "What’s that?" "Water that you can drink." said G.

"Marshie 459 got up and beckoned for her to follow. He led them up the moss covered hill in back of the hut, peppered with little yellow flowers, and to a natural spring of crystal clear water. The Marshies had a system of hollowed out trees that brought the water down to an underground well, that was covered by a top that looked just like the hut: sticks and seaweed.

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