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Chapter 9 Title
Chapter 9 – page 3

"Ahoy" it says again. "Ahoy" said G & J limply. "Whut brings yeh to deeze parts, maties?" it said. G & J looked at each other and G explained: "We’re looking for the road over the Peppermint Mountains there in the distance and further on." They could see that "it" only had about 3 teeth in it‘s mouth. "What’s your name and the name of this place?" asked G, tho' she already knew the name of the place. "Well, dis b heer da Marhsmallow Wastes and I beez a Marshie. Weez all Marshies" it said. "Where’s the rest of you?" asked G.

Theyz awl bak et tha houz, kross the waddur heer," it said. He didn’t seem like the kind of fellow that expected you to bow down to him or call him Your Majesty, but just the same, to be on good terms, not knowing whether it was friendly or not, G said " If it please yer Majesty, we are travelers seeking a way. If you may so much as give us directions, we will be on our way." "Oh righto, jest memberd, thar ain’ts no way o’er them Pepmints, koz theyz downrite slippry, they iz." the Marshie said. Seen kritterz tryin’ ta go up ‘em and fall rite bak down ‘em. Slip-slidin’ awl da way. U kent go o’er them, U kent. You gotta go through them," said the Marshie rather seriously.

Well now this was something to think about, thought Granma. THROUGH them.

When the Marshie wiped the hair out of its face you could see it’s three snaggly teeth and bent up nose. The horses were getting ansy. Julio spoke up and asked if he could maybe get one of those lights in the water. "Shor thang. I kin hep ya’," said the Marshie. He took his oar out of the canoe and poked at some of the smaller balls on the bottom … "take as miny as U want; theyz free," it said. "They grow back anyway." "Ok," said Julio. (He had a very brilliant plan to put headlights on everybody and everything.) "I’ll take two medium ones and 3 small ones," said J to the Marshie. "Righto again!" and he began to pry up the small ones from the shallow. The Marshie waded out to deeper water to get the medium sized ones. Julio got down to help. As the Marshie pryed them up, Julio caught them in the air as they came flying out of the water. "Perfect!" J said. And even out of the water they still gave off light. "Look Granma, they have holes clear through them like beads. I got a great idea!" said the Hoo. . I wonder how long the light will last? muttered Hoo to himself. Wonder if they need batteries? "Bat-treez? What's batrees? These here lights shine on and on and on," said the Marshie.

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