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The yellow sun was up now, and the white one going down, so Granma figgerd it must be noonish. They better be headin’ ‘em up and movin’ ‘em out. Mober and Pepper were in the circle munching rich velvety grass. G tried a whistle and Mober came over. Wow she thought. Julio tried his whistle … once, twice, Pepper looked up. Mober gave her a motherly you-know-the-kind-of-look, and as J whistled for the third time, Pepper came bounding over. "Good thing we took off the baskets or the Chips may have been turned into guacamole!" G whispered to J. HAHAHAHA!

G & J both got up and curtsied and bowed and G said: "You must excuse us now, Your Royalness, we need to be getting on the road. Please direct us to the Marshies." J had kinda wanted to see inside one of those cherry-looking mound houses, but there was no time for that. Da Muff could tell him all about it. She had done nothing but play, play, chase chase, tag-yer-it for the last two hours with all the pups, kitties and beaver bundles. She came bounding over with a messy face; who knows what she had found to eat in the cherry-mound huts. Now she went down to the Flam for a drink of water.

Burrbear picked up a couple of bundles (a beaver & a pup) and walked through the trees to a little golden doorknob of a hill and pointed towards the West. Of course, G & J followed. "That-a-way," he said. Well great, Granma was thinking. We’ll just go that-a-way then.

G tied the blankets back on the horses and lifted the baskets & Chips onto their shoulders. The basket were tied together in the middle, you know, so that one fell on each side of their shoulders. G reached in amid the furry Chips, cringing, but not so anybody could notice, and pulled out two bananas. She gave these to Burrbear and said with a wave of her arm : "May the bees and butterflies eternally carry nectar from tree to tree and prosper thee." Well, that was pretty good she thought to herself. They curtsied again as Burrbear presented them with two beaverskin bags, (probably some of his relatives), filled with avacados and carrots. G & J thanked him and Mober and Pepper both bowed down so they could get on. Burrbear handed up one more handy item. It was a splack that you put on your back. "Wonderful!" exclaimed G. The horses were getting rather bungly what with baskets and beaverskins hanging on .. or .. over … them. Mober, being the biggest and strongest, carried the two beaverskins of avacados. The putty-tats brought out two medium sized sweet ‘taters and this they put in the splack, for J to carry on his back. Now they were set and off they went, one, two, three. But first down to the Flam for a drink of water.

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