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As they entered the village, there wasn’t a soul in sight. Well except cats and dogs and beavers. The air was warmer and it was getting more and more tropical. A little further on they saw a bunch of dark green trees that looked like a well kept, park-like orchard. "Wonder what kind of things grow there?" said J, who was already feeling hungry, tho they had only been on the road for a little over an hour.

They started out again slowly, kkkaaaa ccclllooommppp … kkkkaaaa ccclllooommmpp, kaaa cccllloooommppiiitty cccllooommmppp. Suddenly two huge beaver sentries appear on the road, with big sticks in their mouths. Well I guess they weren’t sentries after all ... they just went on across the road to finish the work they were doing on the river that flowed further downstream into the Marshmallow Waste, or Marshies.

G let out her breath, rejoicing at the thought of not being beaten by a beaver with a big stick. And I mean, these beavers were big ! About 3 feet tall and 150-200 pounds.  So they kaaa … ccclllloommmppttt on a little further. Muff was staying far back, checking out these beavers, dogs and cats. I guess she had made up her mind, because next thing G & J knew, she was bounding out to play with a group of white puppies, just like herself. Then the village became alive with kid noises … well, kid puppies, kid kitties, and kid beavers. Muff was the center of attention, being much bigger than the kids. As they rode close you could see that Muff was talking to some of the pups. "You don’t say!" they heard her say.

The Chips hanging on the horses manes made a bright, parade-like spectacle of an entrance, and all the kid cats, pups & beavers parted the way as if they were royalty. "Take us to your leader!" said G… expecting that they would understand. They didn’t seem to tho’. They just cocked their heads to one side, or pricked up their ears, with a puzzled, wrinkled eyebrow look. So she called Muff over and said "Muff, why won’t they talk to us?" "Oh," muffled Muff, with a mouthful of kid kittie in her jaws, "I think they only speak pup, cat and beaver." "Well, talk to them in pup, then, and tell them to take us to their leader," Granma commanded. "Duh, okay." said da Muff.

She was a bilingual dog and could speak dog & people; probably cat and beaver too. She growled and whimpered out some sounds and the pups formed a line. Muff said to follow them. So off they went, coming to the center of the village and the biggest chocolate covered cherry mud-grass hut around. Out of it came a sleepy ‘ole looking beaver, weighing in at about 300 pounds with a gray beard to the ground. His flat tail was gray, too, as he smacked it on the ground. Kitties and pups leaned out the windows of the hut, and kid beavers gathered around the ‘ole beavers feet.

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