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Chapter 6 Title Chapter 6 – page 2

Come nearer for a blessing Red Salsa said: "May many colored butterflies ride upon your swift steeds in this hour and may you be bendicido (blessed in Spanish) going, coming, climbing, going through, under and over, and all that," said Red Salsa with uplifted hands. And she blew them a furry tarantula kiss that stuck on the sides of their cheeks.

Mober and Pepper were stamping by now with all the blah, blah, blah, and wanted to be off; so off they all went: with G & J and their cargo, of course, of fruit and Chips.

Back up the stoney path they went . . . ka clomp, ka clomp, ka clompity clomp. It musta been only about 7 AM so they had a long day ahead of them. The baskets had lids on them and one was on each side of a horse in front of the rider, so that it wouldn’t slide off. J could hear his Chips sputtering and bouncing around inside the basket and soon one was peeking out from under the lid and hanging on for all it was worth. It was an orange one, quite fuzzy. J, brave little boy that he was, reached down and held out his hand. The Chip climbed up his arm and settled to ride on his shoulder. Well now this was a rotten thing to do, for now the whole basket wanted out. J called down to them that they would have to take turns; he only had two shoulders. Seems the Chips were whispering, spitting & sputtering, deciding who’s turn it would be, when a light lavender one pops out and climbs upon Hoo’s other shoulder.

They rode there for quite some time, until the other basket got wind of the whole shenanigans. Then out popped a turquoise Chip and a yellow one saying: "We’ll just hang on to this beasts’ hair that is hanging down here. "My name is Pepper," Pep said indignantly. "If you are gonna’ hang anywhere, you might as well know who you are hanging on." Things were really looking rather cheery with the white and yellow suns gleaming down upon Granma, J and the Chip entourage, clinging to Pepper’s mane. They sorta looked like flowers of sorts decorating her for a parade.

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