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Next morning they woke up early, as G & J wanted to be off for the Peppermints. Muff was bounding around before daylight. Seemed as tho she was catching butterflies in the dark or something tasty to eat. G sure hoped she wasn’t eating Chips.

For breakfast they had more M, B & P and also stuffed the bottom of their new willow switch baskets with more of the same (mangoes, bananas & papaya). The Chips were up early, looking rather frosty in the high mountain air, a white tinge upon their fuzz. They helped gather M,B &P’s for G & J. Once the fruits were on the bottom of the baskets, in went the New Chip Colony which would travel with them. J helped them into the basket. G really didn’t like to touch them. There were 10 to a basket when G said that Pepper couldn’t carry so much weight (these were pretty hefty Chips). So 14 each were put in two baskets for Mober to carry, which left …. hhhhmm … hhmmmm …let me see .... 6 in each basket for the Pepper to carry. Pepper only carried bananas, too.

Once everything and everyone was tied on and strapped in place and G & J had jumped on their magnificent steeds, G called out, "Does anybody know how far it is, or how long it will take us to get there?" The Chips that stayed behind and the Big Tortilla just shrugged. Red Salsa appeared looking lovelier than every, a deep, rich velvety wine red coat with a rosy pink tummy. In her soft little voice she explained: "We have only heard histories from travelers and never been there ourselves. We have lived here in the Big Shade since BT’s great, great, great grandfather planted this mango tree, and we do not know the way. But the histories tell the traveler to beware of the Marshmallow Wastes, and the Peppermints themselves.

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