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Chapter 5 Title Chapter 5 – page 8

"Well why didn’t you send her out sooner?" whined G. And Muff whined and howled too. "One does not send for Her Royal Highness, Red Salsa on a whim!" scoffed the irritated Big Tortilla. "You see, the Queen use to be red, but now she is a pale pink, due to her illness. She is fading away." And one could see that her tummy was turning white. "Woe to the Queen!" harmonized all the Black & Blues. "Woe to the Queen!"

This gave Granma a great idea and what an opportunity! … since she was of a born-again, on-fire, positive sort, and was already translated out of the darkness into HIS glorious Light, seated at HIS right hand, called to show forth HIS praises, etc, etc . . . walking as a resurrected being in her own world . . . etc. etc. Her plan was this: She had a leftover M&M in her pocket, a red one, as a matter of fact, and she decided that she and Julio would say a prayer in the NAME for the poor, pink, fuzzy thing, to bring it back to life and give it color once again. Yep, that’s what they would do.

"Where does Her Highness rest her soul?" asked G in her most royal, pleasant voice. "Allow me and Prince Julio to enter with medicine for her!" The Big T. raised his furry eyebrows and said "She keeps to herself on a bed of eucalyptus leaves under a rock overhang in yonder cave." After some head wagging and consul with the Black & Blues, the Big T replied: "Wish granted."

G & J went on their way with an escort of three Black & Blues on each side, in case they stepped out of line, I guess, which was a little scarry. When they came to the rock with the crevice … er .. cave in it, they could see her Majesty, Red Salsa, laying palely on the eucalyptus leaves. The smell annoyed Granma and she ordered that fresh green ferns and moss be brought to the crevice …er … cave. In a very soft voice, G called "Your Majesty, wake up! Silver and gold have I none, but what I have I give to you. In the Name above all Names in Heaven and on Earth and under the Earth, rise up and walk … and eat these here red pills …

"Granma gives Red Salsa M&M's and prays for her"

Other Side Granma gives Red Salsa

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it will do you good, like a medicine!" And both G & J said "Amen!" And she gave Red Salsa the leftover M&M out of her overalls pocket.

Red Salsa nibbled and licked at the M&M and you could see the color coming back into her fuzzy body right away. She ate more and turned even more of a deep rose color. The Black & Blues were yelling for the Big T. "Come! "Come at once, yer Majesty. The Queen!" The once fuzzy pink body was now quite a deep rose color. Even her tummy was turning salmon colored as you could see, now that she had the strength to sit up. As she ate the last of the red M&M, you could see it coursing through her veins as she once again became a radiant flame red! A big, big smile came across her tarantula face (imagine that) as she hopped up and tried out her legs. She was a little wobbly from laying down so long. The Big T. came just in time to see this and fell back in shock. Not so much at her springing and falling, but at her color. She had totally regained her regal crimson, radiant salsa color! The Big T. was shouting and the whole court of Chips began shouting too! "Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen." they shouted. Then the Big T. turned to G & J and laid flat down on the ground with furry arms and legs outstretch. "In your service … in your service" he kept saying over and over. G said "I did nothing. It is the Name."

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