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"Tarantulas!" whinney-screamed Mober. "J didn’t say they were tarantulas! He said they were just spiders!" and Mober high-tailed it to the other end of the dale, Pepper close on her heels. "Well I guess that takes care of that" said Granma as the J-man came plodding up to the top of the dale from the creek, a couple of daisies behind each ear. "What takes care of what?" he asked. "Well, you told Mober they were spiders, and not tarantulas. When I said the word tarantula, she ran off and high-tailed it," said G. "Guess horses are afraid of them." she said. "Duh," asked Muff, "what’s trancherlas?"

The Big Tortilla had now climbed back upon the rock and was calling for a counsel, surrounded by his tall Butt-Stinger knights in black & blue. From somewhere came the sound of a gong ….or drum … or something like that.

Clearing his throat again … the Big T extended his furry hands and said "Sit." So Granma sat and Julio too and all the Chips did their best at sitting. And then the Big T. used his most imposing cave-like-caverness echoing deep voice and commanded that the horses "COME!"

They came! G & J were really impressed. Maybe this Tortilla guy had some magic power. The horses stood behind G & J and were trembling, looking at the Black & Blue Butt Stingers around the Tortilla. Muff didn’t see what all the fuss was about.

"Aha! I see!" roars the Big T, "you horses are afraid of us!" But then a feminine sorta pink fuzzy tarantula crawls over the rocks and with droopey eyed sadness says: "Poor babies …. they don’t know. The baby Chips that we are asking you to carry to the foot, toes and ankles of the Peppermint Mountains do not yet have stingers. They couldn’t even hurt a fly if they wanted to!" And you could hear a great sigh of relief from both horses, which sounded like … well you know how horses sound, don‘t you? Put your lips together kinda tight and blow out. That’s it. Then Mober began to paw, as is her wont. So G sent her back to eat grass with Pepper. Pepper didn’t know what was going on at all, since she is just a baby horse. Just 2 years old at the time of this adventure. Muff, who was a little slow, said "Stingers?"

"Well," piped up G, "I guess we can carry some if they aren’t too heavy. But what will we carry them in?" The pink fuzzy lady tarantula, that musta been the Queen, spoke up. "The reason you have not seen me until now is that I am frail and have been sick. I could not join you this morning to take sustenance because it makes me throw up." (Imagine a tarantula throwing up ! yuck) "I am very old in tarantula years, and may not have much time left. Please take the youngins' to the Peppermint Mountains to carry on the Tortilla line!" she pleaded. Then she swooned and/or fainted and several Black & Blue Butt-Stingers carried her away on a leaf stretcher.

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