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Well it was G’s turn to say something now. "Your Honorable, Ancient, your Highness Tortilla," J and myself are traveling on terrible, magnificent beasts that are afraid of your kind of Chips. I am sure of it. "How can you be sure?" interrupted the Big T. "Let’s do a test to see if they are afraid. I challenge you to a test !" and there appeared other huge tortillas (tarantulas) standing on their hind legs and showing off their butt-stingers to G. "O great Tortilla," said Granma, "let me take counsel with Prince J." "Okay" said the Big T. and he began peeling a banana and sucking a mango.

G called J over on the side nearer the big, magnificent beasts, and whispered: "You gotta get this guy. He wants us to carry some tarantulas over to the bottom of the Peppermint Mountains ~ on the horses !!!! And further more, he has challenged me to a test, since I told him the horses were afraid of Chips. So, ai yai yai, what are we gonna do?" asked G to J.

J was such a bright boy, he said: "Well, we could just get on the horses and ride off." But G, being 129, thought of how they were in debt, owing something to the tarantulas for keeping them warm at night and NOT biting them. Since she had seen the Butt-Stingers, she wasn’t so sure they weren’t poisonous after all. G sat down on the grass and the J-man flopped down beside her. Muff perked up her ears too, flopping down by the J-man.

"I think we are in a fix now." said G. "Wonder what kind of test he has made up for the horses?" muttered G, thinking so hard the steam was coming out her ears again. "We can’t just get the horses blanketed up and bridled without the T’s getting suspicious" she said. "We are gonna have to take this challenge. Dang, why don’t our horses talk so we can tell them to be afraid?" said G. J very innocently said, "Well, have you ever asked them if they can talk?"

G rolled her eyes and sighed real big; so big the Big T. could hear it. "Now, why didn’t I think of that?" she asked. "So Julio, you go on over and see if you can get Pepper to talk to you," said G.

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