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The icy stars twinkled on into the purple night as Granma and Julio tossed and turned in hammock fits, trying not to fall into each other. They finally gave up and were flopped over one another, sinking down in the middle. Creak, creak . . . The willow switch was stretching but seemed to be holding alright, although they were getting lower and lower to the ground. Muff was no where to be seen. Maybe she was the smart one of the bunch.

Granma turned her head and pulled the soft furry pillow underneath her neck. It was warm and comforting. Julio had a whole armful of furry pillow against his side, holding it close for warmth.

Even tho’ they slept fitfully, they slept a long time. When the sunlight beamed through the leaves, the sun seemed very high up. But they hadn’t taken into account that they were very high up also. Granma bolted upright thinking it was very late in the morning. When she looked over at Julio …. oh this will make you sick … he was covered in a furry blanket of tarantulas. Granma gave a muffled scream and started brushing them off as fast she could … throwing them everywhere, til she heard one of them speak. It was a very definite female voice that said: well, I never, in all my life! We were just keeping you two warm! And that’s when Granma noticed her own furry pillow and jumped right out of the hammock about 4 feet into the air!

Julio only stirred slightly and grabbed another armful of pillow. Granma could not stand the site of them, even if they could talk! She began using a leafy branch that she had broken off and was swishy it over J, back and forth, as fast as she could go. Well, that woke the little tyke up. (He doesn’t like being called a little tyke tho’.)

He opened his blurry eyes and said: "Far out!" It was quite obvious that a hairy tarantula had whispered something or another in his ear. J hopped down out of the hammock and very gently put the remainder of the spiders down on the big rock. They didn’t bite. You could see their green or yellow eyes looking right at you and through you. Granma was still having jeeminy fits when the hugest of all tarantulas crawled up over the top of the rock and sorta sat down. It actually folded and crossed it’s legs and sat upon some of them, showing it’s bare belly. Well as least there wasn’t any red hour glass on it’s tummy, like some spiders in Granma and Julio’s world.

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