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It wouldn’t be good to sleep right on the road; it seemed like it may have been well traveled even tho they had seen no one, so far. G looked to the right, to the left, ahead and back. Where would be a good camping spot? Under a huge mango tree on the right there seemed to be an open dale further on, and you know how dales are. They investigated and found some rocks together that seemed like a pretty good shelter,keeping them out of sight of the road. They could tie the horses further down in the trees. Well, they had da Muff for protection too. Now what could Muff eat? Hmmmm...

After G & J had picked a bunch of bananas, a big ripe red papaya, and 4 mangoes, they slid off the horses … gladly, bow-legging over to the rock shelter, leading the horses. There was still about an hour of daylight left so they could find water and let the horses eat more grass. After this was done, they pulled out the hammock which they had stolen but were gonna pay back when the PKK came to their world … and they lashed it between two mango trees for the night. The hammock was huge and big enough for them both. They ate all the fruit they had picked and were stuffed. Muff had gone off and caught a ground hog or squirrel or something. She was all messy but burped contently as she lay under the hammock. The horses had eaten and were tired and sleepy. They had been to the watering hole and were now loosely tied to trees by their ankles with strong willow switches, braided 5 times for strength .…. so they could lay down if they wanted. Pepper was already laying down and I do believe, snoring like a baby.

Julio was soon doing the same. Granma was laying in the hammock wide eyed but not so bushy tailed. She was tired from riding all day at 129 years of age and wondering what they would run into next. Taking the hammock was a great idea, so they didn’t have to sleep on the ground with who knows what kinds of creatures crawling around.

But who knows what kinds of creatures crawl around in trees at night, either.

Twinkling green and lavender stars filled the sky looking like emeralds and giant amethyst gems, much bigger than in our world. Maybe they were closer thought Granma to herself. The night sky was deep purple, not black or blue, but definitely purple. The clouds were lighter purple or blue, edged in pink, white, or orange. The stars twinkled and glistened like icicles, diamonds, or otherwise unexplainable. Soon Granma drifted off to sleep too.

No one had ever told them that tarantulas live in mango trees. Huge, big hairy tarantulas.

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