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The sun was past mid day now and beginning to throw shadows over hill and dale. "Let’s just eat them," says G. "Ok", says J. The fish were quite cooked by now, and black on the outside. Much to G’s surprise, these fish didn’t have any bones at all! Pure meat ~ like salmon steak! They scarfed, finished the berries, and G put some mushrooms on a long stick to roast. When they were done, they decided they could get another 4 or 5 hours of riding in before dark.

When they looked up however, the horses were no where in site. "Ai yai yai" exclaimed Granma. "Didn’t think we were gonna have to tie them!" But lo and behold, to their surprise, here they came, up from the water hole again, Mobe in the lead with Pepper following along behind. Da Muff had gone and rounded them up. They gave da Muff the scraps of fish that they didn’t eat … like guts and the head, tail fins and stuff.

G said they should probably go get some more berries and take some mushrooms along ... just in case. So they did. The wide flat leaves made strong, good carrying cases for stuff. The leaves were waxy and didn’t break easily. Granma said that they needed to braid some more willow branches and make some baskets to carry stuff. "That would be handy," said J.

When they went to gather more berries Granma thought she caught a glimpse of a wood gnome hiding behind a tree. They could change color, you know and blend in with anything. She began to whistle loudly to let it know she wasn’t scared of it. It seemed rather afraid of her. Then she saw another, pale yellow, behind a bush. I guess if there were enough of them, you could get afraid. So she got up out of there but didn’t run … tho’ she wanted to. She clomped away loudly, coughing and carrying on. "What’s up?" asks the J-man. "Oh, just saw some wood gnomes. Not sure if they are friendly or not. We better be heading out," says G.

Back at the rock, Granma gathered up her berry leaves and stuffed her pockets, especially the front of her overalls. She folded over some leaves of berries & mushrooms and tied them with willow switches and hung them on the tassles of the blanket. Mober and Pepper were all dressed and ready to go. G lifted Julio up and sat him on the Pep. G had to lead Mobe up to the big flat rock to get on. When was that horse every going to learn to bow or kneel down so she could get on?

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