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Granma just happened to always carry a sewing kit and some matches in her pocket. Now the sewing kit wouldn’t help them out much with eating, but the matches might come in handy if they ever found anything they could cook. They didn’t even have a bow and arrow; nothing but a pocket knife. "Maybe we could stab some worms and eat them! Ha!" said J, half joking, half serious.

Granma took the blankets off the horses and turned them loose in the dale. As she was coming back to Julio, she kept tripping over something. Upon closer inspection: "Mushrooms! Well now there you go….first we are sleeping in a Mushroom Palace and now we are down to eating them!" said G. Well, we could nibble on them until we find something better. "Yuck!" quipped J. Guess he wasn’t that hungry. (the J-man hated mushrooms)

Now they were gonna have to find some water for themselves and for the horses pretty soon. Every dale is close to water. Everyone knows that. Smart thinking Granma had brought the switch along that she used for tying her and J together. She thought just in case she needed to tie him to her again, so they wouldn’t get lost from each other. So, tied together they headed off down dale, in search of water. But without a bucket. "Drats! frogs & lizards: adventures have so many problems," said J. "Hmmmm" muttered brainy ‘ole Granma. "Quiet!" she was thinking! You could almost see the smoke coming out her ears and hear the wheels turning.

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