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They were in real luck … the PKK’s hammock was still tied between the trees and small soft, handwoven rugs were lining the hammock. "Perfect" says Granma (let’s just call her "G" and Julio "J" .. okay? Okay.) "These will work great for saddle blankets," says G. "Should we take the hammock too, just in case?" asks J. "Well, I dono, now that might be stealin’" says G. "But we are taking the blankets; that’s stealing! " says J. "I guess you’re right" says G. "What can we leave him in trade for the blankets?"

"I got a pocket knife" says the J. "Naw, we might need that" says the G. "Hhhmmm, thinking .. thinking …." says J. "We could just write him a note and tell him we will gladly pay him Tuesday for a hamburger today! Hahahahaha!" laughs J. Granma laughs too, then they get all quiet again and listen to see if anyone heard them. "How far are we away from the Mushroom Palace anyway?" asked J. (Sometimes also called ‘the Hoo’) "I dono" says G, "but can’t be very far. Probably a stones throw or something like that." Julio picks up a stone to throw it, and they both burst out laughing. Trying to contain themselves, they hear echo laughing coming from the direction of the Mushroom Palace. "Such a funny place" says J. "We laugh, they laugh …. when you were sad, they were sad and played sad music." "Yeah, go figger." says G.

By now they had the bridles done and a lead rope for Pepper …. Then they decided to make wide braided bands to tie the blankets on with. They found some thicker reeds near the waterfalls that would braid much faster and smoother. "Let’s see how handy this is" says J, as he pulls out his pocket knife. As he begins to cut some reed, he thinks he hears it cry out … "ouch, you’re hurting me. Let go! You’re pinching! There, you’ve spilled my guts!" But as s0on as he cut a reed, it grew right back. "Very strange place" says the Hoo. "Indeedy" says G.

So Granma and Hoo braid the reeds into wide bands and even make little holes at the end to slip one end under the other, like a catch to lock them. Mober and Pepper were eating the nice rich green grass. Seemed to Granma that she heard them whispering to one another. Pepper: "Hey Mobe, what do you think they are doing?" Mobe: "They are making reins and bridles and all sorts of contraptions to ride us with. "US!" squeals Pepper. "They can ride you, but I’m a baby!" "Tut tut" says Mober, "Just follow my lead. The little one is a baby too and he can’t weigh very much. You can carry him. Looks by the length of that rope that they are gonna tie you on behind me and lead you anyway. Just follow along."

Granma looked up again and the horses turned their heads the other way so she couldn’t hear them whispering. "Talking horses! What next!" sighed G.

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