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PKK stepped out into the full sunshine now and presented his royal self in a splendid manner, extending his open hands to the ground . . . then palms up to the sky, .. then out to the animals and assembled throng of critters … and ... people of another world.

He cleared his throat and began … in Spanish, English and sometimes bear, fish and panda talk. The jist of the thing was … … welcome every one of God’s creatures, great and small. Today we celebrate the dawn of creation. May you be blessed coming in and going out, forever and ever. Dig in. That’s what Julio and Granma got out of it anyway. So everyone seemed to have a place around the huge table, in pairs. The fish didn’t sit so well, so they took their cake and ice cream back to the rocks near the Falls. PKK sat at the head of the table and motioned for Granma and Julio to sit beside him, one on either hand. So they did.

Fairies flew in and cut the cake, serving it up on silver green cottonwood leaf platters. The ice cream was served in silver goblets (that‘s cups in case you don‘t know).

Each piece of cake seemed to have an animal critter on it and before you took a bite, you could almost swear that it moved and was quite well and alive. Before anyone actually took a bite, all the animals bowed their heads ~ even the fish ~ and grace was said. "Blessed be out Creator forevermore. Amen!" said the PKK. And all the critters shouted, "Amen!" and so did Julio and Granma.

Well another day was getting on and Granma and Julio were having a fine time. Even da Muff was given a bronze bowl full of cake and ice cream. She lay under a tree lapping and gulping away.

After the delicious, filling, luxurious birthday party snack of cake and ice cream, the animals played games. The rabbits played chess with the owls; the geese played tug-o-war with the flamingos; the lions used their tails, tying them together for the little ones to jump rope. The bear cubs continued with "tag, you’re it" with any animal they could find willing. The fish held swimming competitions in the clear pool of water beneath the Falls.

PKK stretch out his hammock and laid in it. Granma & Julio decided it was too late to start off on another adventure so they just laid on the grass and looked up at the orange sky that was beginning to be highlighted with red and purple. There they lay til they dozed off.

I can’t tell you what happened to all the other animals for I went to sleep myself, but when Granma and Julio woke up in what seemed like the middle of the night, no one was around, except da Muff.

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