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All of a sudden, trumpets were blown and a procession of finely dressed rabbits came in two lines marching across the grass to a huge, roughly hewn wooden picnic table. The top of the table, one large slab of wood about 3 feet wide and 20 feet long rested on top of six tree stumps. The rabbit entourage was carrying a gigantic, humongous, cake about 5 feet high. It was made of 3 layers and all around were small replicas of all the animals, birds, and fish. In between the animal figures were ribbon streamers of green curly kew like bows made out of sweet white chocolate icing! Cherries sat along the bottom of each layer of cake. On top was a green caterpillar, made out of icing.

The rabbits sat the cake down in the middle of the table as Julio just happen to get his finger stuck into the icing. In a whisper he told Granma that it tasted like chocolate cream cheese! Then the rabbits formed two lines from the table all the way back to the entrance of the waterfall park. That’s what it was like: a park. So Granma and Julio decided to call this place : Waterfall Birthday Park.

Between the line of rabbits there now came a single line of fat, waddling, pink and yellow ducks carrying silver bowls on their backs. One wondered why the bowls didn’t slip off and spill whatever was in them on the ground. Julio said maybe they had some sorta of glue or velcro on their backs. Could be.

Now from Julio‘s rock vantage point, stretching up on his tippy toes, he could see what was in the bowls once they were placed on the table. If his eyes didn’t deceive him, it was ice cream, why, of course !!!! Each duck was carrying a different kind of ice cream and there were 12 of them! There was mint chip, chocolate, chocolate chip, marble fudge, strawberry cheesecake, strawberry, raspberry, mango, vanilla, lime, orange, and pineapple sherbert. And a little boy can tell all this at a distance of 20 or 30 feet having eagle eyes and an elephant nose.

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