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Muff stayed in the background when she saw the lions and tigers and bears. Yes, there were bears too. Taller than any bear any human had seen up til now. They stood on their hind legs and leaned against trees talking. Bear talk of course. Little cubs played around their feet and underneath the huge gnarly willow trees. Muff decided the cubs were more her size and ventured out to see if she could play with them. When they saw her, white and fluffy as she was, they bounded out and jumped on her. "Tag! yer it!" she heard them say. It was easy for her to understand bear talk. So that began a game of ring around the willow and chasing tails. They only had little stubby tails, which made her long tail get caught more than once. Plus she was outnumbered. This tired her out rather quickly so she wandered on to the Falls in hopes of laying on a rock to sun herself next to a Sun Perch. A big rosy colored orange flamingo beat her to the rock, so she settled for one next to a Rainbow Trout. All of his colors reflected onto her white fur and danced back across the water into a mirror.

This was the first time they had noticed the mirror. It was set back amid the trees and hardly noticeable. The PKK was standing there in front of it either admiring himself or talking to himself, it seemed. But Granma couldn’t tear herself away from the huge roses and irises to take much notice of him.

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