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Around the edges of the waterfall pool, different kinds of fish were sunbathing on the rocks. There were Rainbow Trout, rainbow-colored of course; and Sun Perch, golden yellow, silver and white, and pink Salmon. The catfish sported whiskers, fur, and huge green eyes with slits in them just like cats.

On the South side, at the foot of the waterfall, lay golden, bronze and brass-colored lions and tigers, while panda bears frolicked in the water. Fluffy white sheep cuddled up to the lions, baaing and cooing to them, while the big cats munched grass. The zebras lay down near the panda bears since they were the same color.

Finches and Canaries flittered among the trees singing Happy Birthday songs and yodeling. Humming birds were busy as the bees, with little buckets catching nectar from the azaleas and hibiscus. They were carrying the buckets wing over wing, and from beak to beak, from one to the other in long lines going into the forest.

The giraffes showed up, kneeling way, way down to lay on the grass. They looked like they were going to topple over before they got all straightened out, but didn’t. Julio stood with his mouth open, which his Granma shut, in case a hummer or something were to fly in and get caught and choke him.

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