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Chapter 20 Title

Chapter 20 – page 3

All the little stone jars they found in the Peppermint Mountains are lined up on Granma’s window sills, tables and wherever else they will fit. She kept a couple of the big metal cans too, and took half of the small ones, filled with peppermint; Julio took the rest. Anytime G wanted a fresh pepperminty smell in the house, she just opened one of the cans for awhile. G & J both kept some rubies, diamonds, and emeralds for their private collections. Some of the lesser gems they took to jewelers, had them appraised, and sold them; another mint. But only when they needed the money. It was hard to part with something so precious from another world. Besides, with all Julio's money-making ideas and G's flower sales, they didn't really need to sell any jewels. After about 3 years, G was able to sell papayas, avacados, dates and mangos at the Farmer's Market too.

Granma’s most prized possessions of the whole adventure were the saddles, breast collars, bridles and blankets bought at the market in Cool. She even built a side-gaggled tack room herself just to hang them up so the Earthworld mice wouldn’t eat them, as they were wont to do. She also really liked the skirts that were given her from The Pajaro Rosado (the Pink Bird) and wore them to church on Sundays. They were the talk of the ladies at church; probably because they had another wordly air about them and were so differently beautiful.

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