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Chapter 20 Title

Chapter 20 – page 1

Things around Granma's place in the boondocks changed after they got spit out of that culvert, and G & J were never the same again.

Sitting on the back porch, they started rummaging through their baskets. Julio took his frogs and snails up to the 3,000 gallon fish pond and put them in. G didn't waste a thing, so she planted the moss that the frogs were riding on around the edge of the pond and it took off growing like crazy; looking better than any moss anyone had ever seen. It was fluffier, thicker, greener, moister … and at certain times of year, has teeny weeny yellow and pink flowers. The frogs seemed particularly fond of it too, since it came from their world.

The yellow frog with red dots had babies with one of the pale green frogs. Their tadpoles were orange, and when they changed to frogs, some were green with red dots, some were yellow with red dots like their dad, and some were pink with green dots, from who knows where. One was even red with yellow dots!

Smarty pants that he is, Julio made a mint off his frogs, selling the babies to the local feed stores as pets. The next summer the pale purple frogs had babies with the pale green frogs, and he made two mints off of them. The pale purple ones were promoted in Earthworld as very, very rare and expensive, and J helped pay for his college education with frog money. Then he had another great idea! He made silk-screened T-shirts with pale purple frogs on them hanging from tropical plants in the rain forest which he sold to vendors who sold them at crafts fairs. Later he cut an exclusive deal with Wal-Mart and sold his frog T-shirts only to them, making another mint.

Then, when he was 12, the smarty pants made a CD of a song about the Peppermint Mountains that became a number one rap hit among the kids. "Pep pep peppermints, pep pep peppermints, up, up, up we went, found us some bones, on our way home, diamonds and rubies ... "He saved all his money and when he was 16, bought a Humvee.

The snails had millions of babies that also grew really huge, and did such a good job at keeping the fish pond clean that Granma barely even needed filters. Some of them got to be as big as tennis balls. Every summer Julio came up and harvested snails and sold them to exotic aquarium places in Los Angeles and New York, making another two mints, and never had to work at all! He paid for building a new house for his mom with a sunroom, jacuzzi and swimming pool and bought her a brand new Jeep too. He invested in the land his "tia" (Aunt) Carmen bought in Oaxaca, Mexico, and they got into the import-export business. J & C later bought their own plane and Julio took flying lessons and became a pilot.

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