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Daylight fairies came in … or maybe that’s what they all look like in the daylight …. Who knows … silver and as transparent as diamonds or crystal. But when the sunlight caught them on edge, they would shimmer with every color under the rainbow …. or on it, or in it … humphff …. These Daylight fairies had their work cut out for them, being so tiny and all. They began lifting logs, some flying frontwards, some backwards, and stacking them next to the hearth. It took about twelve fairies to carry one log. Muff just watched with her ears cocked up. I think she may have wanted to snap one out of the air, but controlled herself.

With a hustle, bustle and the rushing of a mighty wind, in flew about twenty chubby aproned fairies, also looking palely transparent, and set dishes before them on the flat stones and wood rounds.

Looked like grapes, and the juice squirt out like grapes, … but were they really grapes? They were purple and frosty on the outsides, pink and rosy on the insides. Julio sat up, stretched and yawned .. flopped over on da Muff and took a bowl full. He plopped them in his mouth without a care in the world. "My my my!" Granma chirped as she jumped up! The poor horses ! Here we have spent the night and they haven’t had a thing to eat ! And we don’t even know how to get back !!! Granma began to cry. Silver gray fairies flew in with chellos and trombones and began to play very solemn music. It must have been to fit her mood. But Julio always knew how to cheer her up. He told her a little story.

Once upon a time, back in California, his mom read him a book called the Witchy Lion Dresser … or something like that … and he said that when people went to other lands, even if they went for years …. back at their house … maybe in California … no time passed at all. They were only like gone for like a blink of an eye.

Well, that made Granma feel her cheery ‘ole self again .. Well, she was 129 …. and people do get all pouty and cry more easily when they are ‘ole. That’s what Julio says anyway.

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