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Then G &J were brought steaming cups of something that smelled like cherry blossoms in Spring. While Granma, Julio and King Cat downed all this food, the fairies continued with their harp and violin show. A few fairies were dancing in little rings upon the hearth, an irridescent, goldish green light seeming to shine from within them.

Granma & Julio were feeling very content by now and more than a little sleepy. Was it the food? Granma sat bolt upright, because some fuzzy thing was licking her face. It was da Muff, smelling like warm puppy milk. Da Muff laid down on the ground in front of the hearth and an aproned fairy brought her something like a bone with a rat’s head at the end. "Yuck!" said Julio and promptly fell asleep on a big soft velvety pillow.

King Cat was already snoring. While the fairies continued playing heavenly music, Granma dozed slightly. But she kept catching glimpses of two snakey eyes at the back of Julio’s switch and belt loop ~ they were still tied together you see. Then the eyes seemed to go to sleep too, and so did Granma. She didn’t know if she dreamed it or if it was real, but the fairies were now talking in plain English. Or maybe Granma could now understand fairy.

They slept on and on; musta been an enchanted sleep. Couldn’t have been more than 5 o’clock in the afternoon by now. They didn’t wake up til dawn. And what a different site they beheld!

The inside of the mushroom was all lit up with golden light and not a fairy in sight. King Cat was still in the same position and sawing logs. Yes, sawing logs! The logs were beginning to pile up so high around him that you could hardly see his face. But he didn’t seem to mind at all.

Julio yawned and stretched and so did da Muff who still had the bone hanging out of her mouth. When Julio saw King Cat almost covered to the top of his head, he began frantically throwing logs everywhere. I guess King Cat's sawing was how they got logs for their hearth fireplace. He was sawing them just the right lengths, too.

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