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Julio thought for a minute, to the tune of the fairy music, harp and violin … and then said: "Eat or starve. That is the question." There was a moments silence and they both dug in. Hhhmm mmm hhhmmm, it was heavenly. The juice of the berries was running down their chins, and with whipped cream on their noses, who cared if it was enchanted? Julio looked like a clown: whipped cream from ear to ear streaked with red strawberry juice, with just a hint of blackberries outlining his mouth. Granma had to laugh. When she did, all of the fairies stopped playing music and little giggles were heard way up high towards the ceiling.

Then from the back of the mushroom, in the direction where da Muff has disappeared, there came roarous laughter. Out rolled a huge, blubbery, roly poly, yellow-green catepillar with a pink tummy. When he laughed again, his whole pink belly shook like a bowl of jello. He inch-wormed his way over to Granma and Julio … looked up something in a book, (that looked suspiciously like a dictionary) and wheezed out between laughs: Je- loooo ! Je-loooo tu UUUUUU! Julio and Granma looked at each other, their faces wiped clean now with napkins of velvety forest leaves, and decided the caterpillar was tyring to say : Hello to you! So they grinningly twisted up their mouths like his, and hollered right back: Jelllooooo ! TuUUUUU Tuuuuu !

Then they all had a good laugh. The caterpillar must be the owner of the huge mushroom they figured out … and the fairies were like servants or something. "Maybe he is the King?" said Julio. "We can call him King Cat!" and they laughed again! Then all the fairies laughed too and the caterpillar. The place was roaring with laughter until King Cat was on his back in spasms of laughter with tears coming out his big round eyes, and he couldn’t get up. After a good 45 minutes, Granma decided that he really couldn’t get up and she would have to help him. His belly rolled back and forth, pink to cream and back again, while she took hold of one of his spikey little arms. "Julio, give me a hand will ya’?" asked Granma. So Julio got on the other side … and as smart as he was, he used a forest floor leaf-napkin to grab hold of the spikey arm and they counted : "one, two, three ~ pull!" They didn’t exactly manage to set him upright, but they did get him rolled over onto his belly so he could inch-worm around. And this was just fine, for this is what he did anyway. So he inched on over to the hearth and folded himself up into a puddle. He looked like pink and cream pudding folded up with mint green edges and a kinda pointy darker green head on top. His huge yellow eyes rolled with laughter. He folded his spikey green arms around his belly, as much as for balance as anything, I think, and there he sat, while the apron fairies returned with new plates of delicacies.

This time the plates were covered with something brown that looked like steak, except it was kinda pointy at one end …. Granma poked Julio in the side and whispered: "earthworm, I betcha’." The sides of the plate were garnished with something green that looked like moss and a round, red, radish-like thing. Julio says: "Well the brown thing is crispy and smells good; I’m gonna bite it and see if it’s alive ! Hahahaha! Then all the fairies started laughing again and the roly poly caterpillar laughed so hard he fell over. A myriad (that’s about 50) fairies took little pinches of his skin and stretched him back up into sitting position. He tried not to laugh again, but you could see his stomach almost bubbling up with laughter. However he quite controlled himself long enough to down 7 plates of the brown stuff, garnish and all. So Granma, amazed, that he didn’t keel over and neither did Julio, tried a teensy weensy bit with her eyes closed. It was delicious … something between a mushroom, an eggplant and filet mignon. You know what that is right? Some very expensive kinda meat in our world.

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