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All was well. The travelers were beckoned by glittering green~gold fairies, about the size of Tinker belles, or largish sparrows (do you know who Tinkerbell is?) towards the hearth where red velvety pillows were strewn around on the hard packed earthen floor. So they sat down, their eyes as big as saucers. Muff was fairy-led into the back of the mushroom and you could hear her lapping up something.

Soon it seemed as if fairies appeared out of the ceiling and were suspended on invisible chains, strumming small golden harps and playing gold ornamented, teeny wooden violins. The air was sweet with the sound and made one very drowsy. The fairies didn’t seem to know how to talk .. at least not people talk … so Julio and Granma didn’t talk either.

Soon fatter and chubbier fairies flitted around to and fro with white aprons on … seeming to make a buzzing noise about something or another. They must have figured whatever they were buzzing about out, for soon flat stones and small rounds of wood were pulled up in front of the travelers to serve as tables. A lantern was brought down by a golden fairy that flew without so much as a whir of his or her wings. It actually appeared to have floated down with the lantern from the 10 foot, dome-shaped ceiling. The fairy set the lantern down between the flat stones and for just a second, its gaze met with both Granma’s & Julio’s at the same time. Wow, they felt cross-eyed for a minute there and had to shake their heads.

Then the chubby white-aproned fairies were back with silver platters of food. Raspberries, strawberries and blackberries with whipped cream on top …. or what looked like whipped cream, anyway. Bowls of nuts were brought out and set down: almonds they recognized …. they couldn't tell what kind the others were. It didn’t matter; they were famished, and didn’t have any idea how much time had passed or what time of day it was outside of this world.

Julio started to dig into his berries with the little wooden spoon they had brought, when Granma said: "What if the food is enchanted? You know, got a spell on it? Like what if we turn into fairies or frogs or something?"

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