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They were all quite happy to be at home again; even the horses. Mober said "I smell hay and it smells like home." So they could talk! All of a sudden G & J got in a big hurry to go see if Blackie and Cowboy were ok. Maybe they had been gone years and someone else owned the place now! Cheesh, thought Granma. They got on Mober and Pep using the International truck that is parked down by the front gate, leading the still dazed Cool. Cool asked, "Where am I?" Muff was way ahead of them, bounding from one place to the other and back again, over sage and bitterbrush. They hurried on up the driveway at a trot. Poor Cool was wondering what the heck was going on. At the house they quickly took off the baskets and saddles and turned Mobe and Pep loose. M & P went off kicking up their heels.

The horses were at Blackie and Cowboy’s pen before G & J could get there. B & C were fat and sassy. Mober and Pepper were telling Blackie and Cowboy all about their adventure. G heard Cowboy saying "You don't say." So they could talk too! Then G and J rush into the house to turn on the computer to see what day it is. "When did we leave Julio?" asked G. "It was a Tuesday, I think," he said. Yeah, a Tuesday G thought. Come on pewter! So slow! There it was: Tuesday, August 16th it said. It was still the same day they got sucked down the well! No time had passed at all! "We've only been gone 15 minutes! Go figger!" exclaims Granma. "This is mind boggling!" yells the Hoo. "Then we can still go fishing!"  "Ai yai yai" says G. "Don't you ever get tired?"

So they caught up the Mobe and Pep and put them back in their pen, and gave all the horses some hay and grain. "Now, Hoo, where are we gonna put this here Assjack?" asks Granma. J-man thought for awhile and said "Well since the other fence falls down all the time, we better put her in with Mobe and Pep.

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