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Chapter 18 Title
Chapter 18 – page 8

There they all were gathered together, right near the well when it happened. Muff was lapping from the bucket, the horses and Cool slobbering, G standing there, and J sitting on the edge, the most dangerous place, of course. F & F were up in the trees nearby scoping out a place to sleep for the night.

All of a sudden there was one big humongous whomping sucking noise from the well and all .. I said, ALL ... of them were sucked in together. Luckily the horses had their baskets still on. This time I think they were further away from home, koz they stayed in the well quite awhile. They weren't quite as stretched out and skinny this time in the fatter well.

Again it was like dark molasses syrup, or honey that they 'swam' through. The horses and Cool were upside down and slowly kicking through the thick syrup, glubbing into each other. Good thing they were behind G & J, so no one was kicked in the face. Muff was the last one in and was dog-paddling through the thick stuff. G couldn’t swim or float, so she just relaxed and hung out suspended. Julio was trying to swim, but ended up on his back. Well, there was no way to be certain who was on their back or on their tummy, koz when you get sucked down a well, you just can’t tell which side is right-side-up at all.

It seemed like they were in this syrupy tunnel for a least 15 or 20 minutes. No problem breathing in the stuff; it just felt thick. All of a sudden they were cast upon the ground like being spit out of some big tube. When they looked around, it wasn’t the little well pipe that they were spit out of; it was the big culvert down by the road in front of Granma’s place. The horses were on their sides and kicking to get up.

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