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Chapter 18 Title
Chapter 18 – page 7

When G woke up it was dark. There were giant fireflies in the air, flitting all around them and in between trees on the edge of the forest. Da Muff was snapping at them, and she saw Julio was trying to catch them; little golden and green twinkling lights. The nite air was getting chillier as G pulled out a blanket from the basket. Much to her amazement, they had put the pink bird comforter in her basket. What a treasure! She didn’t take it out though, since it had a lot of white and she didn’t want to get it dirty.

Julio was the one who got thirsty first, after running around chasing fireflies. He put one in his shirt pocket and you could see it glowing through the material. "Granma, let’s get some water out of this well to drink," he said. He leaned way over to see if he could see the water down in there and threw a teeny weensy rock. He heard the splash as it hit. "I think it’s way, way down in there," he said. "Ok," said G, "we’ll just use this bucket here and hold on to the rope. It’s tied to the arch anyway." "Ok, one bucket, coming up!" said Hoo. They both took deep drinks in their hands from the bucket. It was the best, most delicious cold water they had ever tasted; the same as the fountain of Living Water in the heart of the Peppermints. J whispered to G, "Don’t look now, but over there behind that big rock, up the path, is the lamb." G just slipped her eyeballs that way for an instant and said "I see him."  A golden halo fell upon the lamb, just for an instant; then he was gone.

"Felipe and Forest," G said, "do you want us to pour some water into the grape juice tin for you?" "Si, comono, (yes of course) " they both said together. They were doing that a lot nowdays. "How are we gonna give the horses a drink?" asked the Hoo. "Well, right out of the bucket, I guess," said G. So Julio brought the horses and Cool over closer to the bucket. J hauled up the bucket three times, one for each of the critters. Muff jumped up to look over the edge of the well and asked for a drink from the bucket too.

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