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Chapter 18 Title
Chapter 18 – page 5

"I wonder what the Lamb does up here," said G. "And why does he keep hiding and not let people see him? said the J-man. In no time at all, they came to the Sucking Well. It looked just like an ordinary well, but not like Granmas. It was an old fashioned well; not a little bity tube coming up outta the ground. It was about three feet tall and made out of rock. The opening was probably 6 or 8 feet wide and had wooden beams imbedded in cement, going up and over it with a bucket on a rope.

They got off the horses as F & F came in for a landing. "Well, this is it," they both said together. "Great," said G & J both together too. "So we will just hang out here close by." How close do you have to be anyway?" asked G. "Hmmm… er … aahhhh … quien sabe," (who knows) the FF’s both said together again as they did a little shrug with their wings.

"Well Hoo," said G, "don’t let the horses and Cool graze too far away and tie the Muff up here close by, or she will end up staying here in Trinidad for sure." Hoo wanted to go exploring, but all he could do was sit and keep an eyeball on Granma just in case she got sucked down the well first and he needed to take a jump in. Why didn’t the well give a signal, like a bell or something, so we would know when, he thought. So he peered out as far as he could see into the surrounding forest. Too bad he didn’t have some peanuts; maybe he could get a squirrel to come over to him.

G sat with her back against the bumpy rock well, putting an old horse blanket back there for comfort. Muff was close by. They were gonna almost tie her to the well, but then they got smart. What if they got sucked up and daMuff was tied here in Trinidad and got choked? Time for a little nap I’d say. The light was still blinding and intense. Hoo was looking out into the forest so it didn’t bother him. The horses and Cool had their heads down, eating grass, while G & J held their reins. Near where G sat there were some wild iris looking like flowers. G’s garden spirit kicked in and she thought, maybe I can dig up a root and take it back with me. The irises looked like a cross between an iris and bird of paradise flower. Wine colored ones with cream, yellow and pinkish white ones, and deep purple ones. She dug up two of each and put them in the top of her basket and closed the lid again.

It was probably getting on about 5 PM when Julio said he was hungry. The FF’s perked up too, and started licking their bird beaks. G opened up the food basket and pulled out a lot of scrumptious goodies wrapped in banana leaves. No whip cream though, because of the heat, much to Julio’s dismay. But there was plenty of all kinds of fruit, ship-baked bread, turkey, ham and sweet ‘taters. There were even some nuts and seed treats for the FF's. Peeled sticks were also included, pointed on one end for jabbing the ‘taters and meat.

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