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Chapter 18 Title
Chapter 18 – page 4

Felipe and Forest were circling in the air above. On the sides of the path, G and J saw eyes watching them. Foxes, squirrels, bears, linx, cougars, rabbits and whatnot. The path was getting steeper and skinnier and sometimes rocks slid down the hill, rolling into the forest. The intense light ahead seemed to be growing brighter and G said "I think I need sunglasses, Hoo." "Me too," he replied.

When they made a turn in the bend of the path to the left, Julio shouted out "I see the Lamb!" Well, it was called, Island of the Lamb. "He’s huge!" Granma didn’t see him I guess because he hid out of sight real fast. Felipe was parroting above their heads, and they couldn’t understand what he was saying from that distance, so he came down and landed on Cools’ back. "What I was diciendo es, (saying is) I think we spotted the sucking well, about dos millas (two miles) up ahead." "Well, no sense rushing," said J, "we can’t go anywhere til night time and the full moon." G just had a thought! "But Hoo," she said, "even if we can’t see the moon, it is still out there, full somewhere, even during the day. Maybe we should go an hang out by the sucking well anyway." "Ok, I just wanted to explore around here a bit. Hey, I wonder if we can ride Cool?" J asked. "Well, he’s too little now. You’ll make him sway back. When he gets older we can try," said G " …er….uh…. you can try."

Then G came up with an idea: She pulled one of the old blankies out of a basket and gave it to Julio for Cool. Stopping on the path for awhile, J tied the blanky on Cool ... so Felipe would have something to hang onto besides Cool hair. Now Cool wasn’t too crazy about this tying around the belly stuff and said so. He was a talking Assjack, you know. He had such a cute little lop-eared voice; sounded like it came right out of a lop-eared rabbits’ mouth! HA! Felipe was standing on a rock eyeing the whole situation with a questioning look. This would be interesting.

They led Cool over to the rock so Felipe could carefully get on. "Watch the toenails there," whispered Cool. They moseyed on up the path with Felipe riding on Cool’s back, hanging onto Cool hair and blanky. They heard a little parrot squawk: that was Felipe getting bounced up in the air by a tiny Cool jerk and kick/buck. As I was saying, they were moseying on up the path now, for it leveled off at the top of the mountain, going only slightly up hill. Forest was still flying ahead and lower and lower. Ouch, he bumped into a sapling tree while he was looking back at Felipe, trying not to laugh.

There was still a purple mist low to the ground, that looked like wispy snakes sometimes across their path. Then Granma shouted, "I think I see the Lamb! Up ahead!" The FF’s musta been blind for they weren’t able to see anything at all, and Forest had the advantage of flying up above. Felipe took off again, much to Cool’s delight. He was mumbling something about toenails in his back. G & J had both been wondering, and Hoo said something to the effect: "When we get home, do you think Mober, Pep, Muff and Cool will still be able to talk?" asked J. "I don’t know, "said G, "but maybe if they can, they will teach Blackie & Cowboy how to talk too. "Yeah," says Hoo, "and the chickens!" They both laughed and imagined the chickens talking. "Oooh, there goes a worm; oh no, a grasshopper, get it quick!" laughed Hoo.

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