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Chapter 18 Title
Chapter 18 – page 3

"That’s the way, up that path," said Forest. "Yep, that’s what my great, great, great Granpa told me too," said Felipe. "And my great, great, great Granma" chimed in Fresa.

"Well we might as well go on up, since the full moon might be tonite," said G. "Bueno" (ok or good) said Simeon. "Yo me quedo aqui," he said. (I’m staying here) So they decided they better have a "last lunch" and say their goodbyes. The penguins brought out a splendid assortment of food and spread it upon a white tablecloth on the grass. The sun was warm, but not too hot. It was a perfect day for a time such as this. They missed the music of the other birds playing while they were eating, but the chatter of the wild critters was noise enough. J thought he even saw a monkey or two swinging in the trees. Nearby a koala bear and her cub were clinging to a tree and watching with intense eyes. The penguins threw them some bread crumbs and they scrambled down the tree to pick them up. Then they came closer. They weren’t the talking kind tho’, you could tell.

After lunch and a little snoozaroonie for Granma and Simeon, who were the oldest of the bunch, they were forced to say their "despedidas." (goodbyes) G told Simeon it was custom in the Earthworld to hug. He didn’t know what that was, so she showed him. He liked it. He nodded his head for her to go hugging everybody: flamingoes, penguins, the Freakin’ Flyers. They all loved it. Simeon said that from now on it would become a custom in their world too.

After hugs and a toast of grape juice, G said "When we get to the other side of the well we will remember where we come out, so that someday we can hopefully come back to Trinity, ... er .. La Trinidad, and all our very good friends. Simeon, you have been such a gracious host. I wish you could come with us." Simeon actually blushed in his cheek feathers I think. But he had a ship to run and what would he do in Earthworld anyway, being a seven foot talking McCaw and everything." It was settled that only Felipe and Forest would fly with them and help direct the way. They could fly ahead and spy out the land and see if they saw any signs of the sucking well.

Granma still had to lead Mober up to a big rock to get on, even with her new saddle. Mober would have to learn how to bow down with a tight cinch on and floppy stirrups. J was able to get on Pepper with a little jump, and they set out for the narrow path, leading Cool. Muff was bounding on ahead; and yes, they did pack a bone for her with lots of meat on it which she was carrying in her mouth. G thought, sure hope she doesn’t bury it here. They rode on into intense sunlight and were soon at the last place on the path where they could look back and see their friends. They waved and looked back at what felt like home to them. They could see the ferry and the water, Simeon and gang. Well Julio could; Granma kinda needed glasses, being 129 and all. But my goodness, what must be happening back in Earthworld, and how long had they been gone, and were Blackie and Cowboy all right? They both started thinking of all this at the same time, turned, and it seemed they started going faster up the hill.

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