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Chapter 18 Title
Chapter 18 – page 10

G & J were looking around at the situation and started laughing. Muff, where was da Muff? Then there was another little spit, and out she came, right into Julio’s lap! All 100 pounds of her! This knocked him over and they were rolling on the ground laughing and she was licking his face all over.

"Oh no, my precious stuff!" cried G. "Oh no! My frogs & snails!" cried the Hoo. Well, just so happens that the muy importante (very important) stuff was in the baskets that didn’t get landed on by the horses. The horses were on their feet now and J was carefully looking inside one of the baskets on Pepper. "Hurray!" he yelled out. "My frogs made it!"

Cool was getting up now, looking like he was seeing stars and stuff swirl around his lop-ears. His blanky was all side-gaggled and then just fell off. The cinch that held it on broke. Oh well. G groaned and waddled up to check the baskets on Mober. And of course, all of her precious stone jars were well packed in blankets, clothes and the hammock, so not a one was broken! She was doing a little victory dance now. The only things that fell out of the baskets when Mober came shooting out of the culvert, were a few of the iris/birds of paradise plants that G had just dug up. So G just picked these up and stuffed them back in the top of the basket.

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