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Chapter 18 Title
Chapter 18 – page 1

They soon arrived at Island of the Lamb and pulled alongside the jetty in shallow water. "Front gangplank down!" shouted the fat rat! This was the people and main critter departure area. After they all got off the ferry with their back packs, sleigh, Muff, and everything else, G, J, Simeon, Frizzle and Frazzle walked to the back where the horses were. They were very close to the jetty and there were posts to tie the ferry to so it wouldn’t move. They had some 2x10’s on the ferry, just in case, along with nails and hammer. One wolf had come along to help, so he was the chosen worker. He set to making a small gangplank with the 2x10’s nailed together. He had 12 of them so he made it 10 feet wide which would be pretty good for the horses. This didn’t take very long, just laying out the boards and nailing cross pieces every 2 feet. Walla! In no time they had the trailer gate open and were leading Mober and Pepper off the ferry. Then came the Assjack. Not a hitch so far. Then penguins unloaded the baskets and new saddles, blankets & bridles. Of course there just happened to be a hitching post on the wide jetty where they tied the horses to saddle them and put their baskets on. A couple of penguins held onto Cool who behaved himself quite well. Muff was already on the island sniffing and investigating.

Simeon paid the fat ferry rat and told him to come back the next day. G & J led the horses and tied Cool to the saddle horn of Pepper. Cool stayed behind like he was suppose to this time. It was about a quarter mile down the dirt and rock jetty to the island that gleamed and glistened in the green and yellow sunlight. When they reached the shore, everything seemed to sparkle with beads of dew upon the grass which seemed so new as if it had just been born that minute! There was a low purple vapor or mist hanging above the grass that made one feel as if they were breathing in new life with every breath.

The island was a lush, green, tropical rain forest with wild squawking parrots, small colorful McCaws, parakeets of every hue, birds of paradise, cranes, quetzals, cockatiels and cockatoos flitting here and there. Pink and salmon-orange splotches of flamingos were laying across the green, as they were wont to do on occasion.

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