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Chapter 17 Title
Chapter 17 – page 3

This night they all slept on the ship. Even the workers stayed and found places to bed down. They were lulled to sleep by music and the gentle lapping of waves against the sides of the ship.

It was fairly early when G & J went down to breakfast; this being their last day on The Pink Bird. They had both decided on talking Simeon into coming with them on the ferry, since they didn’t get an appropriate chance to ask him last nite.

Breakfast was more solemn than usual; maybe because they were leaving. G just spit it out in plain English: "Simeon, are you coming with us?" No translation - no Spanish. He understood very well what she had said. He answered in plain English, "Yes." Then they all got happy and the place seemed to brighten up. So bright in fact that Julio had whip cream all over his face again and the penguins were laughing. A penguin laugh is very funny, their whole stomach shaking up and down like a bowl of jello.

After breakfrast, G & J went to their room to pack their stuff and load up their baskets. Hoo had forgotten and left his frogs and snails down by the stream. That’s ok; they were probably having a good time down there. Two of the baskets were down by the campsite, and two were in their room. They were graciously given the pick of the clothes they found in their room, which came in very handy for packing around stone jars and metal containers, diamonds, rubies and what not. So far so good; nothing had gotten broken. G and J put on their old overalls and jeans, now that they had been washed and smelled a whole lot better.

They went downstairs to load up the horses, using their old blankies and bridles. Julio was going to try to lead the Assjack while riding Pepper. Granma just shook her head. He was turning into quite the little cowboy.

Julio could ride Pepper out the door, because she wasn’t as tall as Mober. Pepper bowed down while Julio got on, and then G handed Cools’ halter rope to him. "Good luck" she said. Off he went, up the ridged incline to the deck of the ship. When Cool got up on deck he freaked out and sat down. Muff started barking at his behind and that got him up again. Across the deck and down the gangplank they went. Sometimes Cool was ahead and sometimes Julio and Pepper were. It was a good thing that Pepper was a very smart horse baby, because Cool tried to get around her and tangle her up. It was a mess for awhile. Pepper would have to turn around and unwind. So Julio, smarty pants that he was, got ahold of Cool real close up by the halter and led him that way, so he couldn’t go anywhere. This worked fine but was tiring on the arms. Julio took a little practice walk down the road a ways with the Cool and back again, until he caught on. Ai yai yai. They hadn’t even thought about the ferry ride with Cool. Well he was so small, they could just push him on over to the center of the ferry and tie him. Might take 3 or 4 of them, but, it could be done.

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