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Chapter 17 Title
Chapter 17 – page 1

Yummy smells were coming from the dining room of the ship when Julio went back upstairs. Everyone, even the workers came aboard for supper. Simeon invited the ‘ole taxi driver beaver who had to be held up by his elbows to get along up the gang plank. He was getting on in age. Julio asked him how old he was and the ole beaver said: "Hijo, cuando las fresas (when the strawberries) and blackberries fall from the vine, I will be 182!" said the beaver.

Then Julio remembered that he wanted to play his toy trumpet with the orchestra so he ran up to his room and got it. Yeah, it was like his own room. Seems like they had been here always almost. He came back with one of his marshmallow lights and sat it on the table. It was still glowing brightly and gave off a nice light in the green and yellow of the setting suns. As usual, the meal was fit for kings and queens. There was turkey and ham with mashed potatoes, gravy and sweet potatoes, (the Earthworld kind) creamed peas and corn on the cob. There was a mango cobbler with mango ice cream on top. Of course there were the usual fruit dishes of blackberries and strawberries with whip cream. A hot drink was served that would rival any hot chocolate that we know about in Earthworld.

When they were done eating, Julio slipped out of his chair and got closer to the instruments. He softly began playing his little trumpet. It made a soft, somewhat eerie sound, almost forlorn; sounded like they were playing Amazing Grace.
It sadly reminded G & J that this was their last nite on The Pink Bird. Tomorrow they would cross over to the Island of the Lamb on the ferry. J began to wonder if Simeon was coming with them, to wait with them until they were sucked up, taken, or whatever. Tomorrow nite the moons might not be full enough. It might be the next night. He would ask G to ask S if he was coming ~ in the morning. No ... he wanted to know tonight.

J walked back to the table and picked up the marshmallow light and handed it to Simeon. J didn’t know what to say. He felt like saying ‘gracias’ but didn’t think that was quite right. But maybe it was, for all Simeon had done for them.

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