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Chapter 16 Title
Chapter 16 – page 7

"My name is Bacalona," (vaca=cow) she told him, "and my little one there is Wocwoc." (that’s cow spelled backwards …. hahaha!) Julio introduced everybody, Pepper and da Muff. "We are looking para un (for a) taxi," he told her. "Mooooh ! They pass by here often. Esperen un momento!" she told him. (wait a minute)

While waiting, Pepper began eating some of the rich grass and yellow flowers alongside the road and Muff went through the fence to play with Wocwoc. Da Muff and Wocwoc bounded up and down the pasture chasing each other and kicking up their heels. Da Muff, hiding in the tall grass, would bark at her and then shake her bell. This was great fun!

Soon they heard the jingle jangle of taxi bells coming up the road. There was only one red bear riding in it, pulled by a pink oxen with three foot long pale green horns. The legs, eyes, and the underbellies of the great beasts, were white. The driver was a kindly-looking ‘ole beaver in a little red vest that was too little for him. J explained the situation and talked it over with the red bear. There didn‘t seem to be any problem, so off they went to pick up Simeon. J tied Pepper to the back of the cart, called da Muff, and got in beside the ‘ole beaver. The beaver had tied pink and green ribbon streamers, bells and pink feathers to the oxen‘s horns. The cart itself was different shades of green and white, all color coordinated.

When they arrived at the campsite, Mober had on her new blanket and was ready to go. When Simeon saw the taxi, he climbed aboard. J got back on Pepper as G was getting on a bowed down Mober, in her new orange and white blanky. They were dazzling! Julio glanced over at the trailer contraption progress and almost wanted to stay to help. It was three-fourths the way done! But I think they were gonna make a sort of enclosed front with higher sides and a place to put some hay or grain. There were a lot of finishing touches to be made, and the doors to enclose them in behind. The gang plank would have to be moved and put on deck and it was quite heavy. J was a little worried about this, as a mechanical mind was wont to be.

The taxi led the way, G & J & da Muff, following up the rear. "Hey" said J, "maybe we can get some strong oxen to pull the gang plank so we can put it on the ferry?" "Excellent idea, Hoo man," said G. "We’ll just ask this taxi driver if he knows where we can get some oxen for the job." "And then," said J, "we will need to take the oxen with us on the ferry to get it off on the other side at Lamb Island. "I'm a smarty pants, I know," laughed J.

The market in town wasn’t as busy this late in the day,; it was around 2:00 PM by G’s internal clock, notwithstanding that they now had 3 suns to deal with. "Oh" piped up Julio, "we forgot to ask what the name of this town is." The beaver said, "Cool, the name of the town is Cool." J turned to G and said, "Well, that’s pretty cool, huh? Cool."

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