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Chapter 16 Title
Chapter 16 – page 6

G & Simeon were strolling around the edge of the water. J thought, maybe he is telling her bout the mermaids and mermans. And indeed he was. Seems there was a legend or prophecy about whoever could see them would be blessed indeed and have ‘buena suerte’ (good luck) en su vida. G was impressed you could tell. She always knew J was a very special little tyke … I mean … boy.

After lunch, and the trailer frame was almost half built, Hoo had another great idea: "Hey Granma, what if you and I ride Mobe and Pepper into town? You haven’t even shown them their new blankies yet!" "That sounds like a great idea, but we should take Simeon in with us," she said. "Righto!’ said J. "Maybe I can ride ahead a ways and find a taxie cart for him." "You’re such a trip, Julio," said G.

So Julio went and got the ‘tack’ for Pepper and came back. He asked G if they could use the new blankies so he brought them out. Man did Pepper’s look good on her! They still didn’t have saddles, so J got another bright idea! Maybe they could find saddles for sale in town! He told G his idea and she said, " Man, you think of everything! We‘ll look and see. They do have those big mule critters. Maybe they ride them too."

Julio rode down the road by himself. Pepper was a little shy at first, since she hadn’t been out alone before. And then there was Mober not helping much by whinnying and pawing. Soon J got around the corner and out of site, on his quest to find a taxi cart for Simeon.

Such a nice place. When the avocado orchard ended, there was on open field of Cremas (the buttermilk cows). Pepper and Julio rode up to the fence to see if they could talk. A big momma Crema with a baby Crema came waddling over. Well, actually the momma waddled; the baby did side twists in the air and kicked up its heels, cow bucking. Muff was wondering why the heck that cow had a bell on, just like hers! And she said so too! Muff didn’t talk much, but this musta got her hot under the collar .. or bell !!!

J explained to her that all the bells on the island were the same, and that cows had to have bells too so they wouldn’t get lost. While da Muff and Julio were talking, the baby calf chimed in: "Yeah … and when I get grande (big) … I’m gonna get a campana (bell) too!" Even the cows spoke Spanglish! Julio laughed. "Como te llamas, Crema?" (what's your name?) he asked the momma cow. (Wow, check out that Spanish Julio just whipped out!)

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