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Chapter 16 Title
Chapter 16 – page 2

After breakfast everyone was so full they laid around the ship for a half hour or so before going down again to land. There was now strong green light and it was getting warm. People …. er … animals were coming and going from ship to land and some went back to town, though it was farther away from this side of the island. When G & J went down the gangplank they already saw busy beavers from up creek, carrying small branches and weaving them together to build side walls leading up to the ferry. "Very, very smart," called out G to Frizzle and Frazzle. They were building a branch and leaf path for the horses to walk between that led up to the ferry, so they wouldn’t even be able to see the water and be afraid. "Bravo!" said G again. "Isn’t that a smart idea, Hoo?" asked G. "Yep, sure is," replied J.

G, quite ‘inteligente’ herself (intelligent), decided to move some of the fishing net-fake hot wire- fence, and tie it to other trees so that the horses would have new grass to eat. They had mowed down what was there during the night. So J and G, along with a few rat hands, helped to do this. Some of the rats and mice even brought more net string down from the ship so they could make the ’pasture’ a little bigger.

Julio went back to the ship for the horses, leading them down to their new grassy spot, da Muff tinkling along behind him. Mobe and Pep had already filled up on hay and grain, so they just rolled and laid in the green light that shown between the tree leaves. This was horse heaven; grass up to their knees for a later snackaroonie.

Then J quickly ran over to the hole he had dug in the stream edge to check on his frogs and snails. One of the frogs was missing! The basket was sitting right there beside the hole, so he put the frogs back in. Then he brought them out again, after he thought awhile.

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