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Chapter 16 Title
Chapter 16 – page 13

Julio could hardly believe his eyes. The cats, rats and wolves already had the trailer made! And the beavers had finished the walkway up to it. They even had a roof over the front 1/3 of the trailer and high sides so the horses couldn’t see out. J was so excited about the construction he handed Pepper over to G. They’d need to adjust those stirrups to fit him. He got a swift kick in his behind by the stirrup when he slid off. He ran over to check out the inside and outside of the contraption. "Hey, this is gonna’ work good!" he told Frizzle and Frazzle. "Yeah, all we have left to do, is make the feeders and the back door. That will be fast and easy." said Frazzle. "Yeah, probably haver her done before lunch tomorrow," said J. "Righto!" said Frizzle.

Then J went to check on his frogs and snails. All accounted for. When he turned around he saw a crowd around the horses admiring their new saddles and blankies. You thought they were dazzling before, with just their new blankies! They were really handsome now, trimmed in brass and silver. Mober was posing for the crowd; not a proud bone in her body! Ha! Mice, rats, beavers, the wolves, the FF’s … all were ooohhing and aaahhing over how good the horses looked. Even the guard flamingoes raised an eyebrow and saluted them.

"Well now, where are we gonna keep all this excellent tack?" G said to J. Frazzle heard her and showed them the tack room under the front of the ferry trailer contraption. "Perfect!" shouted G. "You guys think of everything!" So they unsaddled and took all their new tack and blankies and stored them in the new trailer compartment. Actually penguins were on hand to carry the tack.

The suns were getting low now and casting long shadows. The horses were rolling and rubbing their backs on the grass after having all that people stuff on them! Now Julio was beginning to see the problem an Assjack could be. Would they be able to put her in with the horses? She didn’t know a thing about electric fences. Would they tie her to a tree all night? "Aha!" said smarty pants Julio. "I’m gonna take Cool up to the ship and put her in a stall." "Good idea, Hoo," said G. The Cool led perfectly now. Even da Muff could lead her. Julio put Cool in a stall with hay, some grain and water, and took her fancy halter and gray lead rope off. I think the Hoo man was actually tired after that long ride. And of course he was getting hungry. But he needed to go back and get Mober and Pep too, since they were all sleeping on the ship tonite. So the little man went and did his chores, brought the horses up, gave them hay and water and said goodnight yawning. There were 6 stalls, so plenty of room for all three of them. Mober had a stall that had a door inbetween that opened up into a larger stall, all to herself. Pepper was on the other side of Cool and getting aquainted with the lop-eared thing, .. I mean, Assjack.

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