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Chapter 16 Title
Chapter 16 – page 11

Back in the barn they found another smaller saddle almost exactly like Mobers‘! The saddle was natural rough leather, the stirrups were made out of polished silver, but the saddle horn, the seat, and the leather tassles were dyed a deep, blood red that almost matched Pepper perfectly. "Perfect!" said Julio. "Yep, this looks like it will fit just fine," said G. Simeon put in "Y tiene la ‘Cool’ y ‘FFOI’ too!" (and it has Cool and FFOI on it too) Even Simeon was beginning to speak Spanglish!

"We will never be able to forget this place for sure, and we even have souvenirs with the name on it!" exclaimed G. "Souvenirs?" asked Simeon. "Recuerdos," said G, (reminders) Julio tried to cinch up the saddle on Pepper but he really didn’t know how, so G showed him. Pepper put her ears back, so J had to talk to her and tell her she was a big girl now, and this is what big horses wear. G made sure the cinch wasn’t too tight. "Naw," said G. They took the cinch off and traded it for a sheepskin one. And while they were at it, they picked up bridles to match and breast collars for each of the horses. Peppers’ breast collar was that same deep, dark red with a brass heart in the center of the chest. Mober's was natural color leather with a brass heart too. They also picked up the now finished halter for ‘Cool,’ the Assjack.

Back outside again they saw the taxi driver just pulling up with his pink oxen. G & J put the bridles on the horses; there were no bits in their mouths, just some fancy braided leather work that went around their nose. The reins were round and braided too. G put the new soft cinch on Pepper and she liked that a lot better. Simeon climbed in the taxi cart and sat by the ‘ole kind beaver. I think they were old friends.

Julio said, "Ok, gotta go get the Cool, now. Come on Granma!" "Well what on earth do you need me for?" G said. Then she laughed and went with Julio to get Cool with the new halter. It just now dawned on Julio that being she was a little tyke, maybe she didn’t even know how to lead. Well now, he found out right away. He crawled over the stall fence and put the halter on all right. "Hey Granma, we need a rope …. well, duh!" That was an easy thing to find, and by now everyone in the barn knew to send the bill to Simeon. G found a fat soft, sheeps’ wool, gray lead rope and took it to Julio. "Well, here goes," he said.

He opened the stall gate and walked calmy out. Cool followed calmly behind, with da Muff trying to grab the rope and help lead her. All was well, fine and dandy, until they got outside the barn, where Cool decided to not be so cool. She started bucking and kicking up and going round and round Julio in circles. Then she sat down and wouldn't budge. G grabbed her close up by the halter and didn’t give her any slack.

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