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Chapter 16 Title
Chapter 16 – page 10

They would need to buy a halter for the Assjack. "And what are you going to name him J" asked G. "How about Cool?" answered the little J-man. "Sounds pretty good," said G. "Cool" said Simeon. "We’re gonna have to definitely come back to this place Granma," said the Hoo. They went to one of the tree-slab tables and watched a muskrat making a leather halter. "I want the one he’s making," said Hoo, looking up at Granma with those pleading "nieto" (grandchild) eyes. It was a pretty halter and looked adjustable for growth. He hadn’t stained the leather yet, so Hoo could have it any color he wanted. He just wanted it brown, but with designs on the sides of it and nice brass rings. And of course inside, it said ‘Cool, FFOI.’ The muskrat said it would be done in about an hour. Simeon paid for it and said they would come back later.

Now Granma was gawking with her eyes bugged out at a nice saddle for Mober. "They must have horses around here, if they have saddles," said G. "Yo nunca habia visto uno, hasta que llegaron ustedes," said Simeon. (I had never seen one til you guys arrived). "Well, they must make them here and export them to another island," said G. "Tal vez" said Simeon. (Perhaps) "Well, they sure look like they know what they are doing," said G. I think there are horses on Totally Rad Island, said Simeon.

G spotted a saddle that seemed wide enough to go over Mober’s big shoulders. Actually, since the horses were right out front, she asked if she could try it on for size. "Oh thank goodness," said G, "it’s not heavy either." A customer service worker bear carried it out anyway and sat it on the Mobe. Mober was a bit stand offish at first, about the bear ~ not the saddle.

Granma’s eyes got real big! "It is perfect!" she exclaimed. It was made out of natural rough leather and braided rawhide around for decoration, with real silver stirrups. There were also brass and silver rings and decorations on it with long leather tying tassles. Engraved on one leg leather where the stirrup attached, was the word ‘Cool.’ Smaller, and up near the saddle horn, were the intials ‘FFOI." "I gotta have it" says G, "and we have to find one for Pepper too!"

Julio was rolling his eyes, wondering how much all this was gonna cost, and an Assjack to boot! G cinched up the new saddle, but not too tight, bcause Mober was turning her head around and frowning at her. You ever seen a horse frown? They can, you know. New saddle, new blankie. "Mober" says G, "you’re looking like a royal princess!" Now Mober batted her eyelashes at this statement and turned her head this way and that, swishing her frosted red-gold and white mane around. She swished her tail too and pawed. Pepper was looking over anxiously and whinnied. Julio went over and told her to wait just a minute; they were going to find her a saddle too. Then Pepper snorted.

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