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Chapter 16 Title
Chapter 16 – page 1

They were woke up very early the next morning, before greenlight I think. Frizzle and Frazzle had hired six men … er .. animals, with hands and claws to work at building the horse contraption, since they themselves had feathers and wings. They needed critters who could hold hammer and nails. Before greelight (as they called daylight), two yellow wolves, two Siamese cats, (like our Siamese only pink in color with dark purple ears, face and tails) and two dark green rats showed up with carpenter belts on. Frizzle and Frazzle were already fluffing out orders, showing them diagrams and measuring. Julio took his tape measure and went down to help out.

Simeon, Granma, the flamingo guards, and the rest of the crew that had stayed on land headed to the ship for breakfast. G called out to J; he threw down his tape measure and came scampering with da Muff. The horses were looking over their fishing net fence and began to whinnie. So Julio went back to get them and led them to the ship for hay, grain and water. Once they were taken care of and J had washed up, he flopped down beside G at the long dining table.

Hmm .. Hmmm. Hmmmm … what they had for breakfast as the main course was like French Toast with either blackberries or strawberries on top, and of course whip cream. It came with a side of bacon, ham, eggs and hash brown potatoes. And they had two kinds of liquados (smoothies): Crema milk drinks (from the Buttermilk cows) with blackberries or strawberries. Hmm .. Hmmm … hmmmm. There was also two kinds of cheeses on the table with grapes: a fluffy, white, crumbly kind of Spanglish cheese and a stringy cheese that was wrapped in a huge ball the size of an Earthworld basketball. This last kind was called Cremsillo (like quesillo from Oaxaca, Mexico).

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