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Chapter 15 Title Chapter 15 – page 5

They sat together and watched the mermaids and mermans as they came closer as if trying to talk to them. They were looking right at them with their eyes. It was mesmerizing, to say the least. Julio almost forgot to cover up his frogs up.

The blue and purple iridescent stars were coming out now, amid the black and purple sky. Granma was over in the trees tying up fishing net lines to make a fence. The trees were perfect for posts. She made them a pen as big as she could with two strands of fish net rope. In the darkness, the net lines looked even more white. The mice and rats were all standing around underneath the fence trying to figure out what it was for. They shrugged their little shoulders and went to Felipe to be paid. Then she untied the horses from their trees and put them in their 'pen'. The horses were spoofed thinking the white cord was an electric fence. HA! Wahoo! They ran around kicking up and bucking, then rolling in the tall patches of yummy grass that came almost to their knees. The mice and rats stayed for cheese and crackers with some wine around the bonfire. They drank out of acorn caps. By the way, the marshmallows went over really well. Even the little mice & rats tried some, getting marshmallows all smeared in their whiskers. Then J put some jelly beans on sticks, but they melted into puddles and fell off into the fire. Ooops!

It was such an extraordinary, magical place: the music, the wonderful, talking animals, their full tummies. G was beginning to think it was gonna’ be hard to leave. She looked over at J & Simeon sitting together looking into the water. How nice. Everything was just so dang nice here. It was gonna be hard to say goodbye.

Rats and mice started leaving with little bows to the ground and some squeaky and gruff thank yous in Spanish. Birds went off to their perches in the trees. For Simeon, the penguins had bent some willow branches into an arch, and covered them with material, so it looked quite like a tent in Earthworld. The four flamingoes were stationed, two on each side of the opening, like bodyguards, their necklaces sparkling, reflecting the blue of the stars. G & J had their hammock strung up near the horses between avacado trees. A penguin, handy, chipper little guys that they were, always thinking of everything, had gone back up to the ship and carried down blankies for G & J. They were as cozy as two bugs in a rug, floating, suspended in their hammock, as the music carried on most of the night.

J whispered as if talking in his sleep saying "What if an avocado drops on our heads?" and then he was fast asleep. He hadn’t even told G about the mermaids and mermans yet. Oh well, tomorrow was another day, as Granma drifted off to sleep too, waltzing to the mandolin.

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