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The ‘orchestra’ birds brought their instruments down to land and began to play beautiful music. Some older rats went off and collected firewood at Simeon’s nod. A small bonfire was made and tents were set up. Julio got back with the horses and tied them to trees. Then he rushed up the gangplank and into his room. Guess what else he had bought at the market? Marshmallows. Yep. He found some green sticks and passed them out, with a marshmallow on the end of each stick. This made him think about their marshmallow lights in their baskets. Wow, G & J had collected quite a lot of stuff to bring back. And then he got up and ran again. This time he got the marshmallow lights and then ran to the horse stables and got out his frogs.

"Camping Out with Marshmallows"

Other Side Camping Out with Marshmallows

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Just so happen to be a stream running by, you know, down from the snowy volcanoes into the sea. J dug a deep hole, piled some rocks around it, made a branch thatched roof to put over the rocks, and let his frogs out for awhile. He put the snails in the hole too in a cord bad that they couldn't climb out of. And right there at the edge of where the stream ran into the sea, what do you think he saw?

Starfish, yes, but what else? Tiny, tiny mermaids in the water, They looked like they were about 7 or 8 inches long, or tall. He saw girl mermaids with pouches for babies and boy mermans. The mers all had long flowing hair, even the boys. Because Julio had been bent over for so long in one place, Simeon asked him what he was doing, in Spanish. J understood, but didn’t quite know how to answer in Spanish. He finally said "Estoy looking en el agua." (I am looking in the water) And he waved his hand for Simeon to come over.

Simeon did. The bulk of his feathery body sat on the ground next to the J-man. Simeon bent over to have a look-see for himself, ruffling his feathers into the ground to do so. "Veo estrellas del mar." (I see starfish) "Uhuh" said Julio, and then he pointed to one of the mermaids. "Aha! Dios mios!" (aha! my god!) Simeon got as excited as J had ever seen him.

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