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Chapter 15 Title Chapter 15 – page 2

Since they were anchored alongside FFOI, many of them decided to camp out on land for the night. After the exquisite evening meal, G & J brought their hammock out to find a good tree to hang in. Then J had a brilliant idea; wonder why Granma didn’t think of it! "Hey! We are next to land and if they put the gang plank down we can lead the horses out and tie them and they can eat some grass!" "Wow!" said G. "What would I do without you, Hoo! You are brilliant, J-man!" She talked it over with Simeon. "Perfecto!" is what he said so that’s exactly what they did. It would be good for the horses to get out and stretch their legs too before another ride on a ferry.

Then G had a brilliant idea too! "Simeon!" oh, Simeon! "Tienes un mecate o hilo de color blanco … mucho y muy, muy largo?" she asked. (Do you have some white rope or string, a lot and real, real long?) He thought for awhile. Then he said "Tenemos una red viejo de pescar; pienso que es medio blanco. Puede servir?" (We have an old fishing net that is sorta white. Will that work?)

Penguins went to find the old fishing net and G said that with some work they could pull the strings apart and use them. Maybe if she could get some help, but the birds didn’t have hands for that kind of work. "Que quieres hacer?" asked Simeon. (What do you want to make?) G’s brillant idea; of course after J’s first brillanter idea: "Quiero hacer hilos o mecates delgados para ser un ‘fence’ para los caballos. Ellos estan acostumbrados al hilo blanco electrico y esto servira’ muy bien," she said. (I want to make white strings for a fence for the horses. They are use to a white electric fence and this will work just great.) Simeon didn’t understand anything about the words ‘electric fence’ but then he got a brilliant idea too! Seemed like brillance was just comin’ in by the truck load.

Simeons' idea was to send an FF representative to talk to the rat, ferry boat driver, to ask him to find other rats and mice that wanted to work for money. They could help untangle the net and make it into long cords real quick and then G & J could put up the fence before dark. What a brilliant plan! They only had a couple hours left of daylight. So that’s what they did. In the meantime, Julio took the horses down the gang plank - they were a little rowdy - and he tied them to trees. One at a time he led them around for some exercise and to eat grass. Da Muff of course went everywhere that J went, tinkling.

While J did this, a whole herd of mice and rats showed up and bowed before Simeon. Some penguins brought the net down to land and the mice and rats were given instructions and an example by G. They set to work and their little fingers flew. "Perfect!" says G. "We’ll have a fence in no time!"

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