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Soon all were aboard and the The Pink Bird was off to the other side ..… of the island, that is. They had to row the ship, for their was no wind. Hoo even tried his hand at it, for about two minutes, then he went upstair and found Granma. G & J looked out over the edge of the ship at FFOI …. "What a nice place," sighed Granma. "Yeah," said Julio, "if they only had more toys."

J went to feed the horses and then brought a ball out to play with da Muff on deck. He could only roll it though; or lose it over the side. Muff tossed it in the air and caught it in her mouth. Julio figured they better wait until they were on land for this game. He still had some red cord in his pocket, so he went and got a big bell and tied it around her neck. His little horn didn’t make a whole lot of noise, so he thought he might try blending in with the orchestra tonite at dinner.

G was tired and took a nap. 129 you know. Hoo went and told the horses about the trip to FFOI; especially the part about the lop-eared mule critters, how big they were, and everything about the fancy harnesses with bells on them and how the animals had ribbons tied in their hair. And he told them that G had surprises that she had bought for them at the market.

It only took about an hour by water to reach the other side where they pulled in next to the a big ‘ole ferry boat. Felipe and Forest got off and went to talk to the ferry driver, who was a rat. Yes, a big rat. Who better to drive a ferry boat! Rats can swim. They made a deal of some sort because J saw them shake rat hands and wings. Some worker penguins started unloading the wood and stacking it by the ferry boat. It was still 3 days til the full moon. They had very little time to build their contraption, load the horses and get to Lamb Island. The island was about 3 hours away by ferry, but they had to account for loading, unloading, goodbyes (despedidas), eating, etc. With all the FF’s working, if they started in the morning, they would probably have the contraption done by noon the next day, everyone hoped !

G woke up from her nap when Julio came in and announced: "Hurray! "Guess what, Granma! Someone else cleaned out Mobe and Pep’s stalls !!! Hurray! I don’t have to do it!" G imagined that some worker rats or penguins had done it. "Great Julio!" said G still yawning. "I wonder if there is a brush around in that closet, yawn, where we saw the tack?" "The what? A tack?" asked J. "Tack. That’s what you call saddles, bridles, blankets & stuff for horses." G explained. "Oh." said J. "I’ll go look at the attack and see if there’s a brush." J found one and began brushing the horses down, which they loved. Muff was jingling along behind, everywhere that J went, da Muff was sure to go.

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