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Chapter 14 Title
Chapter 14 – page 9

Soon G came upon a hawk with rugs and blankets to sell. Oh la la! She went bonkers again, and so did Simeon! He bought two rugs for the ship, imported from another island far away across the Glass Sea. G bought blankies for the horses. They were woven of a thick, soft something like sheep’s wool. It would have been very interesting to find someone there that made the blankies and watch them weave; but there wasn’t time. She got a deep burgundy one for Pepper, and an orange and white one for Mober. The burgundy one had 2 deep green circles woven into it around the edge … with a light yellow one in between. Why it was a symbol of that world! The Trinity with three suns! La tierra de los tres solars! La Trinidad! "Excellent!" says G. "It’s like a souvenir!" Mober’s blanky had only orange and white tassles hanging off the edges of it, but in one corner, the letters FFOI were woven into it. Freakin’ Far Out Island! Granma was so pleased with her purchases, though she had no idea what they cost.

They had no need to purchase any food, because the penguins who had gone over earlier were doing that. They also carried their material, blankets, jelly beans, and even Julio’s toys.

Grandma saw some blackberries about as big around as golf balls and had to have some. Sweet little red cheeked parrot babies were selling them. Then her eye caught the sparkle of jewelry. She didn’t want any for herself, but she whispered to Simeon asking if she could buy neckaces for the four flamingoes that accompanied them. He was thrilled that she would bestow such favor upon them.

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