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Chapter 14 Title
Chapter 14 – page 8

After the turtles waddled on through the crowd, making a big circle around the outskirts of the market, the line closed back in. Muff was baffled for sure. She kept looking after them wondering what the heck they were. Plod, plod, plod they went along, slowly with the trumpeter out in front.

The tree-branch-wicker stands on the sides of the road were heaped high with fruit and vegetables. The cloth material that was out of this world and drove G wild! She was oohing and ahhing and drooling. Simeon was going nuts, too. They were both ooohhing and aaahhhing! He wanted some new vests to make him look handsomer. So Simeon and Granma both bought some material to make clothes with, or curtains, or quilts, and such. Granma was thinking, maybe she could take his measurements and make him a vest, if they ever got back this way, into this world. Cheesh, she had never asked him the name of the place they were in. "Simeon, con permiso," she said, "What do you call this place or this world?" "Es la tierra de los 3 solares, o la Trinidad." he said. (it’s the land of the three suns, or Trinity." "How nice!" exclaimed G. "Trinity. We’ve been from Earth to Timbuktoo to Trinity. And we’re going to the Island of the Lamb soon. Far out!"

Julio wondered why all these different animals didn’t freak out at the site of them = humans, as they were. I guess they were use to far freakin’ out stuff here. Julio began checking around to see if there were any toys to play with; since everyone around here was an animal. He found some chess games, balls, tops, marbles, and wooden beads that slid around a wire and bumped into other things, tripping different devices; hard to explain. There were also some toy horns, so Hoo got one of these and some whistles and bells too. You never know when these are gonna’ come in handy, he thought. Granma uses whistles to scare coyotes away. Then he found 3 big balls for da Muff to play with. Just pointing to Simeon was enough for them to write J a bill for him that he later gave to Simeon with some scribbling on it that he couldn‘t read. J looked and looked, but couldn’t find any toy trucks, but then what would animals need with those? He was content with what he found. Now he needed to look for a bigger pocket knife.

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